Wenn Möbel auf Reisen gehen


The idea of furniture travelling is of course quite absurd. In the following not entirely serious text, our topic is about travel destinations of our Ampel 24 furniture.


Isn’t the summer just lovely. Warm temperatures, hot sand under your feet and scantily clad people everywhere. The summer is basically the perfect to relax and have a good time. If you are not fluid enough or maybe have no inclination to travel to far away places, then it’s o.k. you don’t have to.
With the extremely comfortable garden furniture from Ampel 24 you cannot fail to relax. The names of the different items are already music to your ears. Each name makes you think of exotic holiday destinations, coctails or surf and sand. With this short post we would like to introduce you to our different models but we would also like to indulge in the travel destinations behind the names.


Briefly about the furniture

Our entire range is produced from sturdy Siberian larch wood, which has been pretreated with oil. The oil treatment lasts about a season. We recommend that you repeat this at the beginning of each season. Siberian larch wood distinguishes itself through the special longevity and hardness of this natural material. The high resin content is very weather-resistant. It is of course a good idea to store the furniture in a dry place during the cold winter months.

Gartenmöbel Malibu



Rio‘s frame is a lovely dark brown. The laying surface is kind of mud coloured. Rocking lounger Rio is easily assembled. The rocking function sets you back to a time where your gran held and cradled you. Picture the following. Imagine yourself lying on the rocking chair Rio in Rio. How cool is that? Only in your head unfortunately, because you are actually laying on your own patio. But you can dream, can‘t you?

Schaukelstuhl Rio

A brief excursion:

Rio is the second largest city in Brasil known for its talented football players and fantastic Mardi Gras, which transforms Rio every year into the biggest party location on the planet. Rio has even more to offer though. The gigantic sugarloaf mountain and the 704 m high Corovado with the statue of Christ on top are only a couple of things that make Rio unique. Due to its geographical location, Rio has a tropical savanna climate which is mildened by the constant breeze blowing in the coastal regions.

Ahh wonderful Rio…. Beautiful girls and a cold caipirinha in hand listening to pulsating Samba rythms and hey presto you created your own private holiday paradise in your back garden. Absolutely wonderful. Did you know that the average temperature in Rio is approx. 22,6 °C? Just perfect, not too hot and not too cold.


….and now come back to me and reality.

Wake up and be ready for more glorious and essential information. Rocking lounger Rio has a max. user weight of 150 kg and is ergonomically shaped and practically molds itself to your body. With a laying surface of 175×60 cm you can really stretch out. Enjoy the sunshine, read a book or just look at the heavens above. By the way, you also get a pillow with elastic strap. The rocking frame is painted in lovely and refreshing looking white.
Schaukelstuhl Rio Abmessungen



Our journey leads us further from Rio to the beautiful caribbean sea. But first a couple of facts about the furniture. The sun lounger Caribbean has an adjustable backrest. It reclines in three different positions so you can either take a nap or read a book. This beautiful lounger also has a max. user weight of 150 kg. Caribbean, with its dark brown frame and mud coloured fabric reminds of the Hispaniola mountains. You can also choose the lounger Caribbean alternatively with a white painted frame and mud coloured fabric.

Easy to reminisce about the lightblue sea and white sandy beaches when you are lying on it. If you want to lie a little softer, you can order the matching zebra patterned black and white cushion at the same time. I don‘t know if you‘ve ever been to the Caribbean but I must say, once you‘ve been there you don‘t want to leave. My head packed with lovely memories it is even more fun to lie on thisn georgeous sun lounger Caribbean and just watch the world go by.

Gartenliege Caribic



Did you know that the Caribbean is named after the Carib people? The climate is tropical with high humidity. The largest city is the Cuban city of Havanna. Very picturesque and beautiful. In the streets of Cuba you find a lot of German cars, for example the beetle. You really feel like you have gone back in time when visiting Cuba. We have been visiting the past just like Marty Mcfly and his DeLorean.
Also very well known is the Great Blue Hole in Belize. A sensational spectacle of nature. The blue hole looks rather like a black hole though. This approx. 300 m large and 125 m deep hole lies in the middle of the ocean. The still existing underground caves are today almost entirely flooded. The spot was first made famous by Jacques Cousteau.



4200 kilomtres northwest you find beautiful Malibu in the state of California. Naturally, we are also featuring a garden furniture set named after it. The Malibu series consists of a chair and twoseater bench. With a curved seating area and nice looking armrests, the pieces of the Malibu series are really eyecatching in every garden. The seating is made of wipeable fabric. Chair and bench come in either red or green.

I would always go for the entire set consisting of two chairs and bench. You have enough seating space to enjoy the holiday feeling with your family. Maybe you invite a couple of people over for a barbeque or a few bewies. There is nothing better than to breathe in the aroma of meat on the grill and the image of palm trees and bikini clad girls or lovely men in trunks in your head. If you are smart you order the table with set.

Malibu Set mit roter Auflage


Just a few facts about the chair and bench. The chair has a seating area of (WxD) 59×55 cm a seating height of 36 cm. It has a max. user weight of 120 kg. The inviting bench has a seating area of (WxD) 110×55 cm and a seating height of 36 cm. You can use the pieces on your lawn, patio or balcony or wherever you feel most comfortable. Like the chair you can also choose the bench in red or green. Or why not mix and match.

Sessel und Sofa vom Gartenset Malibu


Did you know that Malibu was discovered by the Spanish explorer Rodriguez Cabrillo? Malibu is famous for its lovely beaches, palm trees and high density of celebrities. Malibu is also frequently on the news in connection with earhquakes or floodings. This is due to its geographic position. I myself have been so lucky to have had a chat with the 90s star David Hasselhoff known from Night Rider and Baywatch, the latter was actually filmed in Malibu.

I asked a lot of questions about his female colleagues on the set but also about the filming location. The „Hoff“ actually mentioned to me that there is no better location on the planet for filming. The people are laid back and you see lots of beautiful women. Oh David – you really were the hero of my youth. Talking about being laid back – you can also chill on the bench or chair from the Malibu series. I will leave you alone for now with all the mental images in your head. I‘ll be back with part two of our furniture travelog very soon.


Wenn Möbel auf Reisen gehen Teil 2