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What is currently fashionable? Read all about the funny, strange and cool new trends in the world of trampolines.



Every year anew we have to deal with new tendencies. Not just in the world of fashion but in all aspects of our lives. Some trends make us throw our hands up in the air in disbelief, others just make us laugh. Sometimes trends are here to stay, others dissapear again as quickly as they emerged. Let‘s have a look.

The year 2017 was marked by bold colours as well as pastels. A colour called greenery, for example, is really hot this year. I can‘t understand the fuss, to me it looks like ordinary apple green to be honest with you.

So what does that have to do with trampolines I hear you say? Not a lot but we also like to run a couple of trampoline trends by you. Some are useful and some are rubbish (my point of view).




Let‘s start with trampoline tents. When you think about trampolines in terms of fitness equipment, a tent doesn‘t really make sense does it. To me the idea of a tent seems strange. A trampoline is an active object, a tent is passive. Some manufacturers are trying to tell you on their websites that trampolines are not merely for exercising, but they‘re also a perfect play area, or somewhere to just chill and hang out. What? Just buy an ordinary tent if you want to chill. It is far too complicated as a father to keep putting the tent up and down at random. Besides, at least according to the reviews it‘s not that easy to do. The tents are often not even UV-resistant. Many customers have complained that their tents were swept off during stormy weather. Let‘s face it. You have to take it off in certain wind speeds, gale or storm. We are used to rough weather here in the North. This is not a trend I‘d like to follow. We don‘t even have to talk about money. You have to spend at least a couple of hundred. Why would I pay for a trampoline so my kids can be active, and then buy a tent for them to chill in? This trend seems completely pointless to me.


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Compared to the previously mentioned thent we are now progressing to a something which actually makes you move on the trampoline. The idea to attach a basketball basket to the trampoline is not bad, as you can really let off steam. Do a slam dunk just like Michael Jordan. It‘s a cool trend especially for sports fans. Remember that kind of activity puts increased pressure on the trampoline. We usually recommend that you always jump in the centre of the jumping mat. This is hard to do though during a game of basketball. Jumping all over the place puts a strain on the springs, net and even the protective edge. So if you look at it from a fun perspective then I can recommend the basketball basket. They don‘t have basketball courts in trampoline halls for nothing. Don‘t be surprised if your joints or muscle ache afterwards, it‘s really exausting.



To me this is a completely new trend. Never heard of it before. Quick run-down: Bounceboards are boards similar to snow- or skateboards but made of expanded plastic which is a lot lighter. The jumper stands on the board with both feet attached with velcro. According to some manufacturers this is safe. The bounceboard can be used for high and daring jumps. The recommended minimum user age is ten. Another alternative to the bounceboard is the TrampSki trend. TrampSkis look like small skis and are also made of expanded plastic. Trained skiers or those who like to improve their skills can practise their jumps on the trampoline first and then test them on the actual slope. It‘s a trendy idea with a lot of potential. It‘s safer to practice with TrampSki‘s on the trampoline first. Many users are complaining, that according to the manufacturers only one person at a time should be using their products while on the trampoline. They say the risk of injury is just too great.

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Let me point out a little emerging trend regarding product reviews to you. On one hand, that is exactly what every trampoline manufacturer also recommends, so this isn‘t new. On the other hand, the risk of injury is the same if you got Trampskis attached to your feet or not. So don‘t diss these products. Dumb people haven‘t actually thought about this. So folks put your thinking cap on before you write any product reviews. O.k but that‘s beside the point. Good products should not be dissed, but it seems increasingly popular to do so. Boards and skis are a good alternative as far as I‘m concerned. It‘s appears to be a lot of fun, not just for winter sports fans but also for everyone else. It certainly makes a change to just jumping up and down.





This tiny „gadget“ (accessory) is especially made for home use. It counts your bounces as the name already suggests and appears to be more accurate than any app. You just attach it to the trampoline frame. The sensitivity can be adjusted according to weight and intensity. You always know how well you are performing. Most models also record burned calories. This isn‘t really a trend for me as such, but it is a nice gadget to play around with. It may make trampolining even more effective for some.



Or as we call it in the north of Germany: Aquafitness. It‘s very simple in principle. An underwater trampoline complete with suction cups attached to the bottom of the pool. That‘s it. Most health clubs or public swimming pools offer courses nowadays. These trampolines are chlorine resistant and suitable for water depths of about 150 cm. The sizes vary, with 1 x 1 m being the most common size. This is a modern version of what actually has been around for quite some time. Fast beats and a nice looking instructor are also part of todays aquafitness. Jogging, small jumps, jumping on one leg or crunches. Aquafitness is pretty much like exercising on the rebounder at home. But what makes it so special?
You only carry about one tenth of your bodyweight under water. That makes this type of exercise especially easy on the joints and muscles and you train your coordination, balance and stamina. An hour of jumping around in the water burns about 1000 calories. So you see it is well worth signing up for a course. Especially people who are overweight or have problems with their joints benefit from this type of exercise. If you really mean business you can attach some weights to your ankles while you‘re exercising. I think it is defenitely worth a try. It is a great trend for everybody who wants to exercise, likes water sports and loves trampolining. Do you want one of these trampolines for your garden pool? Invest about 500 pounds and it is yours to keep. Even so, it is great trend with a lot of potential.

Jumping Fitness

A trendy name for a trendy sport don‘t you think? When powertrampolining started it could only be practiced in gym. Loud techno music and a screaming masochistic instructor is about the gist of it. In the videos that I‘ve looked at the participants look really pleased in the beginning but after about ten minutes they look completely knackered. This kind of exercise is a mixture of aerobics and jogging. At high speed for a whole hour. No breaks. You would have to weld me out of bed the next day. There are also a few DVD releases on the market by now with different powerjump exercises. Dear me, that makes a racket. Not a good trend if your flat is on the second floor. Especially if you‘ve got floorboards. I‘m the type of person, I don‘t like to do anything that isn‘t fun. I think I rather boil my head in a tub of lard. But each to their own. It‘s not for me. Thumbs down for this trend.
Jumping Fitness

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Enough new trends for one day. There were a couple of usable thing among them, which may be worth trying. Especially the trampolining in water I found interesting. We‘d love to hear your comments. Until next time.