Classic or Deluxe – The choice is yours

Klasik und Deluxe Vergleich

01 Aug Classic or Deluxe – The choice is yours

Spoilt for choice: Classic or Deluxe? Frame, frame pad and safety net? Compare the features and decide.


Classic or Deluxe – The choice is yours

In todays post we are comparing our Ampel 24 Classic and Deluxe trampolines. What should you look for? Where is the difference between these two trampoline series and what justifies the price difference?

But before we get to the nitty gritty a little diversion. From what age is it safe for children to jump on a trampoline?

We recommend that the child is at least 3-years old. Smaller children are not able to jump very high yet. But even the smallest jumps benefit the childs balance, coordination and inner harmony. In our previous post: „Which trampoline for what child?“ , we have focussed on how to choose the right trampoline size. This time we will concentrate more about if you should go for the Classic or Deluxe model?

I have to be honest with you, there are a number of factors why the Deluxe trampoline is really worth the money and here come the reasons why.

Deluxe and Classic in comparison

  1. The frame

I would like to start by commenting the look. The Deluxe version has a black coloured frame. The contrast of the black frame on a green lawn is quite stunning. The black galvanised powdercoated frame doesn‘t just look really good but also makes the trampoline frame extremely robust and water-resistant. The danger of corrosion is as good as non-existent.

  1. The frame pad

The frame pad protects the user from jumping on the springs and safeguards from injury. In the Classic series the frame pad comes in green or blue. In the Deluxe series the edge is only offered in green.

The frame pad on the models in the Deluxe series compared to the Classic series is with 35 mm nearly twice as thick, with much thicker padding and protective foam surface. This offers very good protection for small feet and the springs. Additionally, the green frame pad in connection with the black frame look really good together.

Deluxe und Klassik Rahmen
Randabdeckung Vergleichsansicht

  1. The safety net

Another plus is the Deluxe version of the safety net.

In the Classic version the net is pulled over the poles and fastened with bungee cords on the frame. The poles are connected with the legs and bolted. In the Deluxe series this is different. Here the net also gets attached to the frame with bungee cords but the mounting of the net is different. The net poles are fastened to the legs with metal clamps and reach all the way to the ground. A ring of fibreglass rods get secured at the top of the net. Firstly this has the advantage that the net stands straight and secondly, it gains a lot of stability.

Klassik und Deluxe Sicherheitsnetz

The result: Even more stability and protection in jumping heaven. The net structure is in both the Classic and the Deluxe series very hardwearing and tearproof due to high quality stiching. The zipper and safety clasp give the net even more stability and longevity.
With the Deluxe version you are investing in the happiness and well-beeing of your children. Because:
Jumping on a trampoline benefits the cardiovascular system. It strengthens the immune system and your childs fitness in general. Your child becomes more receptive, motivated and has a better coordination.

You can have all of this and more with your new trampoline.

Deluxe and Classic directly compared

Deluxe trampoline:

Frame Frame pad Net
black powdercoated green reinforced with fibreglass ring
galvanised ca. 35 mm thick extra fastening with bungee cords
legs reach to the ground
bolted with metal clasps on the legs

Classic trampoline:


Frame pad



green or blue

pulled over the poles


ca. 20 mm thick

fastened with bungee cords

bolted with metal clasps in the middle

O.k friends that was all for now. I hope you found the above comparison informative and that you have reached the decision that both trampoline series are of premium quality……... If you are still unsure which trampoline to choose, contact us we are always happy to help