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Are you one of many, who has bought a trampoline recently? It has been delivered and now the boxes are sitting in your carport because you are unsure where to install it? Read this post: How to position your trampoline!

Kleines Kind draussen

It is of course important that the size of the trampoline is suitable for your kids age group. It is also vital that the available space in your garden is big enough for the size you have chosen.

But it is obvious that you already have considered the above, because you have a freshly delivered trampoline in your carport. Boxed in and waiting to be installed.

My guess is, that you already have thought about where you want to put it. There are a few things you should consider before you get going.

  • How do I best position my trampoline?
  • What ground is ideal?
  • What should I do if my lawn is not level?


So without further ado let‘s do it!


Which place is perfect for your trampoline?




Make sure that the area around the trampoline is kept clear of fixed objects such as fences, garden walls, swings or sheds. Moving equipment like cars should also be kept a good distance away. You should leave a gap of minimum 150 – 200 cm. Do you have a pond in your garden? Keep the trampoline well away from that! Otherwise the risk of injury is just too great.
Enough air space is also an issue that you need to consider. If you put a trampoline directly under a tree you do have shade in summer, but that is about the only plus side argument. Brooding birds leave smelly bird droppings on the jumping mat or even worse on your head. Falling branches are less smelly but hurt a whole lot more. We therefore as a guideline recommend that you keep a distance of about 500 cm to the nearest tree. We want your kids to have lots of safe fun.


Trampolin Hindernisse


Ok, what else do we need to consider?



The best space to install your trampoline is level with soil which is not too soft, because the weight load triples when the trampoline is in use. It shouldn‘t be too hard either though. If you have a lawn that would be ideal as it absorbes the impact perfectly. Now, it is important that the space where you want to install the trampoline is level. Use a bubble level to check how level the area is. If you have an uneven lawn you can try to even it out with soil. Maybe you have som left over from the vegetable bed you planted a while ago.
It is not the end of the world if you don‘t have a spaceous garden. It is even possible to position your trampoline on your patio. As you can imagine the trampoline does not stand as secure on a slippery tiled patio. It is therefore neccessary to secure the trampoline even more by using an anchor kit or non-slip protective caps. Of course you can find both these accessories amongst our large range of products. Remember to place some cushioned mats around the trampoline just in case one of your kids falls off.


My lawn is not level, what do I do?


The Himalayan mountains are probably not the best place to position a trampoline, but a slight incline is not a problem. For an incline of approx. 3-5% you will need about 50 cm of soil to level it. If you have a slope that is very steep you can dig out a level foundation for your trampoline. Or you can dig the legs of the higher side into the soil. In our infographic you can get some pointers on what works and what doesn‘t.
No experiments please! Always level out the ground with soil. NEVER with wooden boards or planks, as this would be too dangerous. The risk that they shift is too high. You can find some helpful pointers on the internet. The trampoline cannot be shifted as easily but in return your kids are safe when they are jumping. Please remove any extra soil under the jumping mat area.


Trampolin am Hang


The safety net and jumping mat of your trampoline can be compared to a sail. In windy weather it is therefore a really good idea to stabilise it with an achor kit. You get the best results by using two pegs per leg. The pegs are a very good idea to stabilise the trampoline and secure it to the ground in windy weather. You don‘t want to end up retrieving it from the neighbours.

Are you still following? Good! Just a quick summary:

  • Make sure you have enough surrounding space
  • Soft and level grounds is ideal
  • Use anchors and protective caps
  • Level out an uneven lawn


You can find a lot more information on trampolines and garden furniture on our YouTube channel. Do you have questions, recommendations or other things you‘d like to share with us? Then please send us your comments.

The only thing now left for me to say is thanks for staying until the end and have lots of fun with your trampoline.