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Every child has the natural urge to move. The combination of uninhibited freedom and fresh air has a very positive impact. Jumping on trampolines helps to subconsciously develop the childs balance. It strengthens the immune system and also benefits the general wellbeing of the child. But we mustn‘t forget to mention that it is also a great deal of fun for the entire family. No matter how old you are, you will benefit from the positive effects of using a trampoline on a regular basis.

Zwei Kinder spielen auf dem trampolin





Garden trampolines are on offer in round, square or oblong versions with sizes starting from about 6ft. The oblong version has exellent jumping characteristics. Allthough it is a fantastic trampoline it is more suited for trained, experienced jumpers. Because of the oblong shape the jumping mat size is restricted, which can make it slightly difficult for beginners to jump on. For safety reasons it is not a good idea to let more than one person jump on the trampoline at a time. The jumping characteristics of a square trampoline are very much like the oblong version. But the jumping mat is larger, which means more jumping space in all directions. Square, oblong and octagon shaped garden trampolines are only available from shops that specialise in trampolines and the tend to cost slightly more than round versions. Most retailers recommend that children should reach the age of six before using trampolines. They emphasise this fact by explaining that childrens bones under the age of six are very brittle and may not sustain the pressure that jumping puts on their bones.



Children love being in a state of weightlesness. They are very easily carried away and overexited. They don‘t always foresee potential dangers. That is why we recommend that you always keep an eye on your child during jumping sessions. Please read our recommended safety precautions regarding this issue.




There is a substantial price difference between cheaper versions and expensive trampoline models. Both craftsmanship and the materials used can directly effect the quality. It is therefore recommended to chose a model of premium quality instead of one of the cheap versions on offer.

The trampoline frame is made of steel in order to guarantee the needed stability. It is also vital that the frame is properly dimensioned. This is a very important factor which cheaper models often lack. Another neccessity regarding the frame is that the separate components have fit together absolutely perfect when they are being assembled. Creeking noises or instablility are clear signs that the frame components are not properly aligned. It is also vital for outdoor trampolines that the frame has been galvanised to protect it against corrosion.

Jumping mats are generally made of polypropylene mesh because it is very tearproof and UV-resistant. It is important in terms of safety that all egdes have seams consisting of at least eight to ten stichings. A jumping mat of premium quality has a lifespan of approx. seven to ten years in spite of permanent exposure. Items with sharp edges can damage the surface and mending a jumping mat is due to safety reasons an absolute no go.


Every jumping mat is equipped with a mark in the centre for better orientation. The Jumping characteristics of garden trampolines are determined by the quality of the springs. The length, the material used, the diameter and elasticity of the steel are all important factors to consider if you are opting for a trampoline that has comfortable jumping characteristics. If you keep to the recommended max. user weight you will enjoy your trampoline for a very long time.

The protective edge which covers the springs entirely is not just a colourful highlight but also protects the user. It prevents feet from getting in between springs and it softens falls. The padding should be approx. two to three centimeters thick. The protective edge gets subjected to the elements why it is usually made of water-resistant foam material. Unprotected foam may split, so most manufacturers now completely cover the foam with durable PVC. It is recommended that the protective edge has a five centimeter overlap to cover the frame completely. Garden trampolines may start to show small faults, even if they are cared for properly. That is why it is very important that your retailer always has all spare parts in stock at the drop of a hat when you need them.

Last but not least a couple of pointers about safety nets. A safety net is not just a good optical demarcation, but also an effective safety precaution. Safety nets also come in all sorts of different qualities. A good safety net should be made of sturdy, tearproof mesh material with a good density. It protects your child from falling of the trampoline.




Garden trampolines do not require a whole lot of maintenance. This is because quality trampolines are produced from durable, weather-resistant materials. It is nevertheless vital to always use the trampoline barefooted. A trampoline cover protects your trampoline from rain, sunshine, leaves and snow.

You can actually leave trampolines of good quality outside during the cold winter months. To avoid overloading the jumping mat it is recommended that snow doesn‘t accumulate on it or to completely detach it and store it indoors throughout the winter months.

You can also opt to disassemble the whole trampoline in autumn, which is easily done. Even though the protective edge is robust and sturdy the material may start to crack when the temperature falls to about minus 10 degrees.

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