Anchors or Sandbags – The Choice is Yours

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30 Nov Anchors or Sandbags – The Choice is Yours

Which is better anchors or sandbags? Choose whichever you think is best.

Anchors or Sandbags – The Choice is Yours

It‘s the middle of autumn and it is time to take precautions to secure your trampoline firmly to the ground so it withstands the strong autumn winds. Ampel 24 has a few solutions ready for you.

We have dealt with the issue of insurance coverage in one of our older blog posts.

Remember: For insurance companies trampolines are high-risk. Please study your insurance booklet to find out if your home insurance policy covers damages to or caused by trampolines. If you are in doubt, contact your insurance company regarding your home insurance coverage.

Please remember: Trampoline damages caused by storm are never covered by your product warranty.

XXL Anchor Kit

We will begin with the Deluxe anchor kit. What does it contain?

  • 5x spiral pegs
  • 5x straps for fixation


Amazon: Deluxe XXL Anchor Kit


Brief overview of the specifications:

  • Anchor length: 40 cm
  • Anchor diameter: 8 mm
  • Anchor material: Steel
  • Anchor colour: Bronze
  • Strap length: 190 cm

You see, this is quite a good offer. These anchors are very sturdy and usable in almost any ground. Only very dry and stony ground may pose a slight problem.

Useful information about the XXL anchors

If you are wondering why the anchor kit has five anchors when your trampoline has six legs then that is understandable. Five anchors are sufficient in principle. Not every foot needs an anchor. Many of our customers buy two sets straight away just to be on the safe side. You are probably used to stronger winds if you live near the coastline or in a hilly area. Here I would like to emphasise that the anchor kit can only withstand mild to medium winds.

They are not sufficient for higher wind speeds, gale or storm. You need to take further action to secure your trampoline properly to the ground if the wind picks up speed. You should disassemble the safety net and store it away if the weather forecast releases a storm warning.

Turn the trampoline upside down and use a sheet or tarpaulin to cover it. You can of course also dismantle the frame and net completely and store it away if you have the space for it.


XXL Anchor Kit Assembly

First you push the anchors into the ground one by one. If the ground is too hard, you can use the following trick: Make a little hole where you want to insert the peg and fill it with water. The water will slowly seep into the ground. Now you can easily insert the peg.

Attach the straps once you have inserted all the pegs. Pull the straps trough the trampoline frame (where you have inserted each peg) and then pull the straps through the pegs. Tighten them if necessary.


Ampel 24 Sandbags

If you can‘t be bothered with anchors or your ground is too stony, we recommend our Ampel 24 set of sandbags. What does it contain?

  • 6x Sandbags

Amazon: Set of 6 sandbags

The bags have the following specifications:

  • Dimension: 27×120 cm
  • Material: Monofilament
  • String closure
  • Hard wearing
  • with carrying handle and griphole

Back in the day the bags were made of robust jute material. Today they are manufactured from hard wearing monofilament. All you need now is to fill the bags with earth, sand or gravel. They have a practical handle so you can easily carry the bags once they‘re filled. The strap at the opening of the bag closes it tightly. The same type of bag is often used by farmers to secure their silo foil. All that is left for you to do now is to put the bags across the trampoline feet.


The Difference Between Anchors and Sandbags

Sandbags can be used for many different purposes. You can secure your tent, pavillion, tarpaulin draped over garden furniture and many other things. Anchors are very useful too but don‘t have the same spectrum of potential purposes. Something that speaks for choosing bags is that they don‘t ruin your lawn with holes. It is a bit of an effort to fill them though.
On the plus side they are extremely practical when it‘s time to mow the lawn. Just push the bags of the trampoline feet, move the trampoline slightly, mow the area and put the bags back in place once the trampoline is standing in its original space again. Anchors aren‘t that easy to shift. The good thing about anchors is that they are so thin that you don‘t necessarily have to remove them. You can just cut the grass around them. So you see each solution has both good and bad aspects. Some people even go for anchors as well as sandbags to secure their trampolines.


Multifunctional anchors

The last part of this blog post is about multifunctional anchors which can be used to secure almost anything. They are in theoretically the same as the set of anchors we‘ve mentioned above. An overview of what the set contains:

  • 4 x galvanised pegs

Amazon: Anchors with discs


  • Easy to insert
  • Stay securely in place during windy weather
  • Total length: 400 mm
  • Insertion length: ca. 305 mm
  • Thickness: 8 mm
  • Disc diameter: ca. 30 mm

Sicherung auch für Zelte

The difference between the first set of anchors we mentioned and these is that they don‘t have straps but a little metal plate at the top end. The plate stops you from pushing the anchor too deeply into the ground, which may damage the tarpaulin. Who hasn‘t experienced this problem. You are just about to set up the family tent and then you realise that a couple of pegs are missing? What to do? Everyone who has ever bought tent pegs before will know how expensive they are. If you want to make sure that this doesn‘t happens to you, then why not get some multifunctional anchors from Ampel 24. They are very sturdy and durable. You can even use them for other things once the camping season is over. Maybe you want to secure the tarpaulin which you use to cover your garden furniture with.
You see, with Ampel 24 you‘re spoilt for choice. The anchor kit with straps is the better choice for trampolines. The sandbags you can also use for a whole lot of other purposes. Tarpaulin, trampolines or other outdoor objects that need securing. Advantages of the multifunctional anchors are obvious. You don‘t need to rotate them to insert them which doesn‘t leave your lawn with unsightly holes. Just choose whichever solution you think is best for you.


And remember to have lots of fun. As always. Why not check out our YouTube channel.

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