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Ampel 24‘s safety advice is there to make sure you don‘t put your safety in geopardy when you are jumping. Please get some information about proper assembly and correct use before you start.


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Jumping on trampolines has never been as popular as it is today. The trend started even before trampoline jumping became an olympic discipline in 2004.

Kids but also many adults have adopted the sport. Get some information before you get started on proper assembly and the right jumping techniques.


The jumper is better protected against injury on a large trampoline. The jumper has more room. This is especially good for beginners.

Your children learn to handle the trampoline and they have more room to jump.

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Many may think that jumping without a safety net is even more fun but that can be really dangerous as well. True that trampolines on the market without a safety net are relatively cheaper.

Put a price tag on your safety?

NO!!! When you are on the lookout for a trampoline, always choose one that includes a safety net. There is a drop of about 2 metres if your kid falls it will falls off the trampoline.

Would you like to be responsible if your kids get injured? Stupid question, of course not.

But is one safety net as good as the next?

NO! There are many different models on offer. Nowadays you have the choice if you want to get a trampoline from you local supermarket or from a specialised dealer. But are they all equally concerned with safety? Most manufacturers have probably thought about safety issues but have they followed it through? We would like you to have faith in our products. That‘s why we have the pledge of quality.


But how do you as a customer know which product is safe and which isn‘t?

TÜV! A very good safety indicator: It is very important that the product is TÜV and GS-certified. This way you will always know that your trampoline has been given the seal of approval in terms of safety. TÜV only certifies safety nets with the highest quality standards.

Safety nets from Ampel 24 are subjected to a 400 hour stress test. Once this test is completed the net is checked for damages. If it is torn or the netting has become brittle then it has failed the test. Consequently, it will not be approved and certified.

Sicherheitshinweise: Netz mit TÜV und GS


Why is the protective edge so important? Without it feet or legs can get caught in between the springs. It is not only painful but can lead to serious injury. A good quality protective edge is at least 20 mm thick and should consist of robust tarpaulin or PVC to be precise.

The foam filling should have closed cells. They will prevent the foam from getting out of shape and cover the springs perfectly. Another advantage of closed cells is that they are water-resistant.

Do you want to be responsible for your kids or your neighbours kids injuries?

NO! Who does. Children are our greatest treasure and need to be protected. That is why protective edges from Ampel 24 are subjected to a 400 hour stress test. Nobody is jumping up and down for 400 hours. It is carried out mechanically at the laboratory. Is there something else you should look out for?


What would a blog on trampoline safety be if we didn‘t include the jumping mat. It is the heart of the trampoline. You can‘t jump without it (hence the name).

That is why it is so important to make sure that it is in good shape. If you find even the smallest hole or tear, get rid of it.

Is one jumping mat as good as the next I hear you ask!


When you are out looking for a new trampoline make sure you check how thick it is. Does the material have a good density and the seams of good quality? A jumping mat should have at least 8-fold stiched seams. This way it lives up to the highest quality standards. Jumping mats from Ampel 24 are crafted with 10-fold seams and naturally they are also subjected to a stress test by TÜV.

It also undergoes a 400 hour stress test. You can be sure that a high safety level is also guaranteed here.


A trampoline is subjected to many hours use in the course of a year, of course depending on how much it is being used. This does not only affect the safety net, protective edge and jumping mat, but also the frame components and screws. Remember to make sure the frame you choose is galvanised. Ampel 24‘s Deluxe line offers premium quality powdercoated frames.
The screws and frame components manufactured by Ampel 24 are also subjected to the stress test. The frame is sprayed for 72 hours with salt mist to see if it corrodes. First when it has passed the test will it get certified and the safety approved.

Ok, we are at that point now where you know what to look out for and you have already bought the trampoline that has convinced you the most.

TÜV-test outline:

  • Safety net: 400 hrs. UV-test 400 and 500 hrs continuous irradiaton, to see how well it withstands sun exposure.
  • Frame components, springs and screws: 72 hrs. stress test with salt mist to test against corrosion
  • Protective edge and jumping mat: 400 hrs. stress test.


Ampel 24 has passed the TÜV-test with flying colours.



Remember before you buy:

          • To get some information on the correct handling of a trampoline
          • To choose an ample size to keep the risk of injury down
          • A safety net is a must
          • Must be TÜV or GS-approved or have any other form for certification regarding safety
          • The protective edge must be at least 20mm thick
          • The frame should be galvanised
          • Jumping mat with at least 8-fold stiched seams


There is even more to look out for. Your trampoline has been delivered and assembled.

TÜV - GS - Siegel


Remember that the area you choose for your trampoline also plays a role for the jumper‘s safety.

Do not ever put it up on paving.

You ask why?

The ground is slippery and the trampoline can shift.

Place the trampoline on a softer foundation, such as your lawn which is actually quite ideal. If the ground is uneven and has holes you can even them out before you assemble. Is your soil wet and deep, wait for it to dry.


Please make sure you follow the manual. Level the frame. You get the best result by using a water weight. Also make sure you tighten the bolts.

To achieve maximum safety you can secure the frame with additional anchoring.

An anchor kit consists of pegs with cords which are pushed into the ground and attached to the frame. This stabilises and secures the frame.

Are we done, or is there more?




If you think about autumn, which problems do you think may come up? Correct. Rain and falling leaves. Rain and fallen leaves really make the jumping mat slippery. Your kids may hurt themselves. Don‘t take any chances. Protect your jumping mat and protective edge with a rain cover. This way kill two birds with one stone. The trampoline doesn‘t have to get cleaned up before use and you are eliminating the risk of injury. Trampoline safety is the name of the game.

The trampoline is up and ready and so far you have followed our advice? Fantastic. Let‘s proceed with the safety issue while you are jumping.

Most manufacturers have a diferent take on how to handle safety issues. We at Ampel 24 are not trying to tell you what to do but we like to give you some good advice.



Please make sure that only one person jumps at a time. Otherwise you can imagine the consequenses. Especially if an advanced jumper is on the jumping mat at the same time as a beginner. There same goes for the protective edge. It can happen that the jumper ends up somewhere different than intended.

Please always jump in the middle of the jumping mat to avoid accidents.


It can be dangerous if a child or pet crawls underneath the trampoline while someone is jumping. We recommend you buy a base skirt safety net which cordons off the area underneath the trampoline frame. Naturally we have just the right base skirt for you at Ampel 24.


Young unexperienced jumpers should always be supervised. You probably know yourself how much mischief kids can get into when they are unsupervised. Turn your back on them and presto all hell is loose. That makes them accident-prone.

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Always take your shoes off before you jump. Shoes can damage the jumping mat. Holes emerge which can develop into tears. We don‘t even want to think about what can happen if this occurs while someone is in the middle of jumping.

Also make sure the jumper is not chewing gum or sucking sweets. Jewellery should be taken off and pockets emptied. Toys have no business lying around the jumping mat. The jumper could slip on them. Please remove anything from the jumping mat that shouldn‘t be there.

Are we done now?


Barfuss auf das Trampolin
Not so fast. We have a couple of suggestions left. Persons with back- or neck problems should consult their GP to get the all clear before using the trampoline. Just to be on the safe side.

Safety First – Especially for the youngest

A good warm up is important before you jump. Start with some light bouncing and increase the intensity after a while. You‘re tendons can get torn if you don‘t warm up your muscles. Very young or untrained jumpers should not attempt to do somersaults. The bones of youngsters are still brittle. Please keep an eye on your offspring.

Show your child how to break jumps. You have to bend the knees as soon as the feet touch the jumping mat. Small children can get frightened when they jump too high.

Stay clean – Hail sobriety

This actually goes without saying. To jump under the influence of alcohol or any other substances is never a good idea. The jumper‘s judgement is impaired and he becomes bold. This also goes for the supervisor of course.


Get indoors – Bad weather

The weather plays an important role. Don‘t ever let your kids jump in rain, hail, snow, thunder or storm.

Obviously the risk of slipping on the jumping mat is higher when it‘s wet. During a storm there is danger of being hit by flying objects.

This is the right place to mention the anchor kit once again, which secures your trampoline in windy weather. When you stop your trampoline from flying into the neighbours garden you not only protect your property but people as well.

Check it out – The examination

It is nearly winter and it‘s getting colder. Dismantle your trampoline before temperatures go below zero. Before you store it away, you should make sure all parts are functional. Please repeat this procedure before you assemble it again in the spring. If you detect any damage, contact the Ampel 24 customer service before you try and do something about it yourself.

Not everyone agrees on the best time for reassembly. Wait until temperatures are above zero again.




Before and after use you should consider the following:

          • Choose a good place with soft ground for your trampoline
          • Assemble strictly according to the manual
          • Fixate the trampoline with an anchor kit
          • Set up a base skirt safety net to cordon off the area below the trampoline
          • Use a rain cover for protection against falling leaves and bird droppings
          • Only one person jumps at a time
          • Always jump in the middle
          • Always jump barefooted or with socks
          • Never jump under the influence of alcohol or other substances
          • Take off your jewellery or glasses
          • Empty your pockets
          • Never eat chewing gum or sweets while you’re jumping
          • No toys on the jumping mat
          • Warm up before you start jumping
          • No dare devil stuff
          • Never jump in bad weather
          • Disassembly, examination and storage
          • Stick to the manufacturer’s recommended max. user weight


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We hope you enjoyed this weeks little excursion into the very important topic of safety.

See you soon. Same place, same time.

Your Ampel 24.


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